About ScamDB

Welcome to the ScamDB, a platform dedicated for reporting and sharing experiences of online fraud, scams, and other harmful activities. Our mission is to foster greater transparency and safety in the digital world by empowering users to share their encounters with online threats, thereby protecting others from similar dangers.

Online fraud and abuse are significantly underreported, with the Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) estimating that only 13% of such incidents are officially reported. The ODHB aims to bridge this reporting gap by providing a communal space where users can document and share their experiences with online scams.

Objectives of ScamDB

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the types of harms present in the digital space.
  • Create a resource that individuals and organizations can use to protect themselves from online threats.
  • Foster a community-driven approach to tackling online fraud and abuse, making the internet a safer place for everyone.